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Common Phrases in Sindarin
Sindarin is technically not a functional language, there are so many words missing. Simple words are just simply non-existant. But there is some help for the language, it's a beautiful, poetic, and its in Lord of the Rings for goodness sake. :D

If there are any phrases that you would like to see me translate, feel free to contact me and I will add them to the list.
So you may want to review this page many times after seeing it for the first time.

"thou" : formal
"you" : informal

-----a dash before the characters make it a suffix that is used for verbs and possessive
Version A
Formal: lín ; informal: -ch
Version B
Formal: -l (obscure) pl: -dh ;  informal: -g ; pl: -ch
(the reason the –l is obscure is because it can often be confused with a verb tense that is why it is best to avoid it)


__1: Aiya "Hail" [this one stems from Quenya]
__2: Suild/ suiliannad informal "greetings"
__3: Suilannen formal "greetings"
__4: Mae govannen "well met" [this is a descriptive term that describes the nature of their meeting, not an actual greeting. approx litteral "good to see you"/ "ive been looking for you, its good i caught up to you"]
__5: huiliannaid annon alle "greetings give-i to you" [i give you my greetings]

__1: Námarië formal "be-(at)-goodness" / "be good" (sindarin equivalent: novaer )
__2: no ven lín mae "be path your well" (Lit: may your path be good)
__3: no elenath síla or ven lín "(may it)be! stars shine over path your" (lit: may the stars shine on your path)

inquire: "How are you"
__1:  Inquiring about a household:"mar" : home/dwelling
______F: Ma var lín vae? [ ? home thou well?]
______F: Ma vareth vae?
______IF: Ma var chin vae? [Chin > cîn , gîn]
______IF: Ma varech vae? or Ma vareg vae?
__2: Inquiring on the persons well-being
______IF Ma noch vae? [?are-you well]
________ Ma nog vae ?
______F: Ma nol vae? (this one is kind of obasucre…best to avoid, see note at top)
Ma nodh vae? </i> (this one is fine)
__3: Inquiring on how life (as the verb's actor) is treating them; verb na- "is/be" > no / naw "is/are"
______F: Ma alle cuil no vae? [ ? to-thou life is well]
________ Ma alle guil naw mae?
______IF: Ma achen guil no vae?
________ Ma achen guil naw mae?
__4: "It", being non specific
______F: Ma alle no vae [ ? to-thou is-it well?]
______IF: Ma achen/ agen no vae [? to-you is it well?]
[note: If you want to include a noun, just put it inbetween "alle/achen" and "no" example: Ma alle aran no vae [? to-thou king is good?] [is the king good to you?]]


response: "good"
__1: "it is good" "good"
______ Mae "good/well/useful"
__2: "im good"
______ non vae [ be-i good]
_______ naun vae
__2: "we are good"
_______ nam vae [ be-we good]

response: "not good" / "poor" / "bad"
______ u-vae [(it is) not-good]
_________ no u-vae [it is not-good]
______ faeg [(it is) poor/mean]
_________ no faeg [it is poor/mean]

________________ Doing/ action

inquire: "What are you doing?"/ "What did you do"
___1: Present tense
______F:mana le câr? [ what do-thou?]
_________ mana caril
_________ mana caridh
_________ mana le câr sîr? [what do-thou today?]
_________ mana caril sîr?
_________ mana caridh sîr?
_____IF:mana carich? [ what do-you?]
_________ mana carig
_________ mana carich
_________ mana carich sîr? [what do-you today?]
_________ mana carig sîr?
___2: Past
______F:mana le agor? [ what did-thou?]
_________ mana agorel
_________ mana agoredh
_________ mana le agor sîr? [what do-thou today?]
_________ mana agorel sîr?
_________ mana agoredh sîr?
_____IF:mana agorech? [ what did-you?]
_________ mana agorech
_________ mana agorech sîr? [what do-you today?]
_________ mana agoreg sîr?
___3: future
_____F:mana le caritha? [ what do-will-thou?]
_________ mana carithal
_________ mana carithadh
_________ mana le caritha sîr? [what do-will-thou today?]
_________ mana carithal sîr?
_________ mana carithadh sîr?
_____IF:mana carich? [ what do-you?]
_________ mana carithag
_________ mana carithach
_________ mana carithach sîr? [what do-will-you today?]
_________ mana carithag sîr?

inquire: "Where are you going?"/ "Where did you go"
___1: Present tense
______F:mas le bâd? [ where go-thou?]
_________ mas badil
_________ mas badidh
_________ mas le bâd sîr? [where go-thou today?]
_________ mas badil sîr?
_________ mas badidh sîr?
_____IF:mas badich? [ where go-you?]
_________ mas badig
_________ mas badich
_________ mas badich sîr? [where go-you today?]
_________ mas badig sîr?
___2: Past
______F:mas le bant? [ where did-thou?]
_________ mas bannel
_________ mas bannedh
_________ mas le bant sîr? [where go-thou today?]
_________ mas bannel sîr?
_________ mas bannedh sîr?
_____IF:mas bannech? [ what did-you?]
_________ mas bannech
_________ mas bannech sîr? [where go-you today?]
_________ mas banneg sîr?
___3: future
______F:mas le beditha? [ where go-will-thou?]
_________ mas bedithel
_________ mas bedithedh
_________ mas le beditha sîr? [where go-will-thou today?]
_________ mas bedithel sîr?
_________ mas bedithedh sîr?
_____IF:mas bannech? [ what did-you?]
_________ mas bedithedh
_________ mas bedithedh sîr? [where go-will-you today?]
_________ mas bedithedh sîr?

inquire: "When will X X X again?"
__1: when will I see you again?
_________ ma  adgenithon le? [when re-see-will-i thou?]
__2: When will we see you again?
_________ ma adgenitham le [when re-see-will-we thou?]
__3:"When will we speak again?"
_________ ma adbeditham [when re-speak-will-we?]


response: "going to X"
__1: "I am going to X"
______ badin X [go-i X]
______ radon X [find-the-way-i X]
__2: "I will be goin to X"
______ badithon X [go-will-i]
______ radathon X [fine-the-way-will-i X]
__3: "I went to X"
______ bennen X [went-i X]
______ rannen X [found-the-way-i X]

response: Reffering to a time:
__1: "today"
______ sîr [today]
__2: "yesterday"
__3 : "day-light hours"
______ calan [daylight hours]
______ nan chalan [to-the daylight hours]
__4: "this morning"
______ aur hen [morning this]
__5: "tomorrow morning"
______ aur doled [morning coming]
__6: "tonight"
______ dû doled [night coming]
______ nan thin [to-the evening]
__7: "midnight"
______ fuin [dead of night]
______ ed uin fuin [out from-the dead of night]
__8: "time"
______ lu hen [time this]
______ adlu [previous-time]
______ i oslu [that around-time]
______ lu doled [time coming] [future time]
______ si [now]
______ lu doll [time (that) went]

response: Cardinal directions:
__1: "north"
______ forn
______ uin forn [out-of-the north]
______ nan forn [to-the north]
__2: "south"
______ harad
______ uin charad [out-of-the south]
______ nan charad [to-the south]
__3: "east"
______ rhûn
______ uin rûn [out-of-the east]
______ nan rûn [to-the east]
__4: "west"
______ dûn
______ uin dûn [out-of-the west]
______ nan dûn [to-the weast]
The Following is a growing list of Sindarin Common Phrases

If you see something that is missing or something that needs to be corrected...feel free to post

I have studied this language for 10 yeas, and am fairly confident in my accuracy and reliability to Tolkien's original intention while allowing for modern interpretations of Tolkien's work by professional linguists.

This is all i have done at the moment, and will add more when i have time.
NordicLynx Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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anim anno gar bithlir o beded anirich
"to-me give word-line of saying desire-you"
[you can give me a list of phrases you would like
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